Thailand Travel and Day One

When we were kids and we’d go on long car trips with our parents to Alabama, Florida, or Colorado, we started this thing we call “Car Seat Butt”. I’m sure you’re very familiar with either this term or this feeling, but, it’s when you sit for far too long and your ass really starts to hurt. Well fam, I am now coining the term Airplane Seat Butt and it hurts a hell of a lot more after 22 hours of travel. Your ass hurts, your head hurts, your back hurts, your eyes hurt and you literally have NO IDEA what time it is or, sometimes, where you’re at. 

BUT. When your 22 hours of travel ends and you’re in Thailand, it all doesn’t even matter.


We’ve been planning this trip for over a year, booked tickets in July 2017, and the first leg of our adventure, a 12-hour flight from Denver to Tokyo, took off on January 27th. We landed in Bangkok, local time midnight on 1/29. We got to our hotel, slept a blissful six hours FINALLY horizontal, and took to the city. 

We are staying in Old Bangkok for our first 3 nights. Today, Monday, January 29th was INSANE. This is my first really big trip overseas. I have been preparing myself for culture shock, for being overwhelmed, for feeling extremely nervous - but I was none of those. I was in AWE. I have never felt so out of my comfort zone but so at ease at the same time. I felt challenged, inspired, and alive. Today was incredible.


We took a walk less than a mile from our hotel down to Khao San road. We walked through some shops, dodged Tuk Tuks, ate Pad Thai for brunch, had Thai beer, and immersed ourselves. The humidity and the heat here are intense; for two kids who live in the dry, alpine desert, the humidity has been very hard to get used to. But when you get to end a Khao San Road journey in your hotel’s rooftop pool with a mojito, well, it all kind of evens itself out 😃 

After the pool, we got cleaned up and we found an incredible little place off of the ally to sit outside and eat dinner. The Spring Rolls were incredible and the Pad Thai was even better than what I ate at brunch. Yes, I literally ate Pad Thai and Spring Rolls all day today and I don’t regret it one bit. I mean, when the Pad Thai is ~$3 USD, you go nuts on the Pad Thai!

From our little restaurant, we headed out on a mission to find the main river where we can take ferries to see the temples. On our way to the ferry docks, we ran into a group of people doing Jazzercise in the park, a little puffball of a puppy, and a bathroom that was so elite, you had to PAY $0.25 to use. To answer your question, no we did not use it. Why spend $0.25 on the bathroom when that quarter could go towards a $1 bowl of noodles, amiright?


When we got back to the hotel to cool off, the jet lag set in. This was around 7:30 PM. Our goal was to make it until 9 PM, so we went to the hotel lobby restaurant and got some more Spring Rolls and fried chicken appetizers with a glass of wine. I am so proud to say that as I am typing this it’s 9:27 PM. We made it past 9 and I am going to sleep like a baby.

Stay tuned for more, sweet dreams!