Hey, I'm Lauren. I go by a lot of names, typically my last, but here I often refer to myself as LK  because it's less to type. I'm a Midwest girl who made a huge move across the States to the Mountains for her career and some big dreams. I originally started this website as a personal blog for family and friends to, hopefully, check occasionally so I wouldn't constantly be telling the same stories over and over. Repeating yourself can get exhausting. 

Now that I've been running the site for a few months, I've decided to change it up a little. While I'll still share stories about my life and adventures, I'll also be throwing in some tips and tricks and more professional blogs along the way. Sit tight, life is a bumpy ride, and this will probably be as well. 

My Story

I started my career when I walked onto Central Michigan University's (Fire up, Chips!) campus as a freshman. Intimidated and confused, I began and fell in love with my future. I went through and learned a lot in college, whether personal, professional, or educational. It was a trip. 

I graduated CMU with a major in integrative public relations and a minor in events management. I jumped right into the communications field and started with an internship, and later was the marketing assistant, at the midnight oil group.  I also worked at the Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce as their social media specialist. I had an awesome opportunity at SHRCCI where I started their blog! While I was with MOG and SHRCCI, I also helped redesign Moceri & Company's website.


I was pretty busy in Michigan! But I always knew I wanted to be in Colorado (sorry, mom). When the opportunity finally presented itself, I jumped on it. Seriously, I got a job offer, accepted it, and was driving across the country a week and a half later. 


My story is just beginning.

I'm a girl who's constantly looking for the next adventure. I'm ambitious, hard working, and if you give me enough caffeine, I believe I can rule the world.

When I'm not helping clients with their digital media strategy, you'll see me running, cheering (or yelling, it depends) on the Detroit Red Wings, stuffing my face with pizza (preferably Jet's) or Cheez Its, or hiking and skiing in the mountains. I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason and what's meant to be will always find its way. 

My life mantra is, "Chin up, charge the mountain."

Want to chat more? Contact me, let's get coffee.