Thailand Day Two

Today was incredible, humbling, and enlightening. 

We went to the dock first thing this morning and got on a tourist ferry so we could “Hop On Hop Off” at different parts of the river to see some of Thailand’s many temples. The first place we stopped was at the Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace. I don’t really think either of us knew what we were getting into, or how hot of a spot, this sight was. We first tried to just cross the street and the fact that we got cut off by a ton of tourist groups, I knew Conn and I would be pushing our way to see the Buddha. 


Once we got inside and we looked up, the scale and the intricacy in detail make you stop in your tracks. My photos of the day don’t even do it justice. 

We made it to the temple where the Emerald Buddha sits and we pushed our way to the front. Out of respect of the religion, Buddha, and the Thai people, we were told not to take any photos of the Emerald Buddha. Even though the crowds were insane, I truly recommend going, taking your shoes off, walking into the temple, and taking in the Emerald Buddha. He is gorgeous. 


After the Emerald Buddha, we walked to the Grand Palace, I ogled at the symmetry of the architecture, it truly satisfied my little bit of OCD, and we headed back to the ferry to go to the next spot. 


Our next spot was Wat Arun and I have to say, it is my favorite of the day. Not only was it exponentially less crowded than our previous sight, it was gorgeous and every turn had a new surprise. We actually got to climb the stairs of this beautiful temple and see the details up close and personal. The best part? We ended up in a temple with a Monk present. He was taking the time out of his day to bless those who chose to kneel in front of him. I don’t have a photo of us getting blessed because we chose to do it together, but I do have a photo of this young boy getting his blessing and bracelet.


Yes, I am Catholic, but I can’t tell you how powerful it was to see the Thai people praying to the Emerald Buddha or on their knees at Wat Arun. I haven’t seen that kind of passion in Faith in a long time. So, kneeling in front of a Monk with Connor by my side, while we were told “Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck” was absolutely indescribable. 


Feeling full of luck, we headed back to the ferry and we headed to the flower market. Wow. Talk about sensory OVERLOAD! There were so many smells, so many noises, so much going on, that it was kind of overwhelming to walk through! The flower market was basically your Saturday Farmer’s Market on steroids; there was sweet peppers, hot peppers, asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, fruits, marigolds, flower arrangements, succulents, fruit juices, jewelry… Literally everything. It was gorgeous.

Tomorrow we fly to the island Koh Samui and then ferry to the island Koh Phanagn for the Full Moon party on the beach. We’ll be there for two nights before making the journey to Phuket. 

Stay tuned and sweet dreams!