Thailand Day Five

We woke up super early and caught a taxi to the pier to catch our ferry back to Koh Samui. Once we got to Samui, we taxied to the airport to fly to Phuket. The airport was absolutely cluster. So many people coming back after the full moon party trying to catch their flight onto the next leg of their journey. Luckily, we had a few hours to spare so we were in no rush. 

When we finally got through and checked our duffles, we got to experience the beautiful Samui airport. It was all open air with cute little shops along the way. We stopped and had brunch in the only restaurant in the airport. I had some spicy glass noodles, which were amazing, and conn had an elaborate looking omelette. 

We went through security, bought a drink, and sat down at our gate and waited to board. This flight time was very similar to flying from Grand Rapids to Detroit; We didn’t even hit 30,000 feet! flying over Phuket was incredible as well, so serene and so, so blue. Like our flight to Samui, we got full meal service on this flight; Their service is honestly faster than Jimmy Johns. 


Once landed, we found a taxi and told him “yo, ho to Karon Beach”! Little did we know, it was a tourist thing. He packed that taxi bus TIGHT with a bunch of us, stopped at a tourist shop trying to get us to buy different tour packages, and THEN he finally started to drop us off.

To get to Karon, we had to go through the town of Patong. my god, Patong is CRAZY. I am SO glad we didn’t stay there. So many tourists walking wherever they pleased, bars bumping music, horns honking.. I don’t know, I think I am actually turning 76 in a few days, not 26 haha.

Once we got to our little oasis, we quickly got our room, changed into swim suits and dashed to the rooftop pool to relax after all of the travel. The pool area was gorgeous, quiet, and had an awesome view of the beach. We watched the sunset and then got ready for dinner. 


We stayed in the resort for dinner and had the dining room, basically, to ourselves. We started with sitting outside, but about 5 minute after we sat down, it started pouring ran. We quickly ran in, ordered our food and enjoyed the sound of the rain. 

I had a chance to FaceTime my nana and check in with her. We drank wine while she drank her coffee and told us what was going on in her world. 

When we were done, we went back to the room to sleep the night away until the morning!