Thailand Day Four

After full moon partying all night, we woke up around 9 AM or so and i was ready for food. We quickly threw on bathing suits and went down to the bar area for our complimentary breakfast. The food was delicious, the coffee was even better. They even gave us some fresh pineapple juice! We ate and hung out in that area to connect with family and friends because that’s where the wifi was best. 

After staying out of the sun and saying goodnight to everyone state-side, we laid in beach chairs 90% of our day and soaked in the sun. We swam in the ocean and had a very relaxing day. At lunch we talked about going into town to eat at a bar there, but we couldn’t peel our eyes away from this view:


So, I ordered a piña colada in a coconut and we ended up staying at our little slice of heaven instead of leaving. I mean honestly, how could one leave this view?!

Tomorrow is another travel day for us; we’re ferrying back to Koh Samui and flying over to Phuket. We will be in Phuket for the longest amount of time, about 4 nights, and will be able to go on the excursion of a lifetime.

Stay tuned!