The mountains are calling..

Hi everyone! 

I figured this would probably be the easiest way to share the good news and keep the good news coming. On November 27th, I'll be making the journey, with dad in tow, out to Colorado to start as a social media specialist for a digital marketing firm in Denver! This all came together in three really quick days and I'm sure the next week or so is going to fly by. 

A lot of people have already asked me to stay connected and make sure I'm updating them. So, instead of blogging just for clients, I've decided to try and blog for myself. Here I will document the twenty hour car ride dad and I will endure, update you on all of my mountainous adventures and post pictures here and there. I was never really great at keeping a journal when I was a kid and blogs are basically an online journal. But I'm going to give it a try. So please bear with me, this will be new for all of us. 

Stay tuned for my next chapter!